Watch the introduction video for detailed visual reference on the cloud hosting packages offered by C-EZ1 INC..

We’ve developed C-EZ1 INC.’s cloud hosting system having a sole purpose at heart – to enable all of our customers establish superb web sites without the need to be worried about the hosting part. C-EZ1 INC.’s cloud hosting packages feature a 99.9% uptime warranty, which means you do not have to worry about your web site ever going offline. At the same time, each of our cloud hosting packs has infinite disk space, unlimited monthly traffic and unlimited MySQL storage so that your site can develop unhampered without you having to worry about any kind of website hosting related restrictions. And also, you will be given a free–of–charge domains registration with all cloud hosting packs.

At the same time, all C-EZ1 INC.’s hosting packages we provide are pre–loaded with the Control Panel. Within this control panel you will find all the software tools you need to handle your site in one place, eliminating the necessity of any billing panels. In addition, you will gain access to numerous good software tools: Application Installer, Free Website Creating Instrument, Website Installer, Framework Installer, sitemap generator and more.

Also for each and every cloud hosting account, you choose your data center. We offer cloud hosting throughout as many as three continents with the US based data center, UK based data center, FI based data center, East Europe based data center and AU based data center. And because of our skilled sys admins, we will assure a 99.9% network uptime for all the hosting services in every of them.