If you have an e-mail and you enable forwarding for it, all inbound e-mails will be sent to a third-party email address of your preference. The email sender will not be aware of this and he will send the message only to the original address. Such a feature is effective in case you have several sites, each one with a separate e-mail for contact, for instance. By forwarding all messages to a single email address, it will be simpler for you to keep track and not overlook a message as you have neglected to check on a given email. If you run an enterprise, you’ll be able to take advantage of this function to observe the e-mails received by various departments. An additional advantage is the fact that you are able to work with an official address for some purposes, let’s say admin@your-domain.com, and you can get all of the emails sent to it in your personal email address. You can also forward e-mail messages from one e-mail address to numerous ones, if a number of individuals should be involved with the e-mail conversation.

E-mail Forwarding in Cloud Hosting

You'll be able to forward any e-mail address hosted on our servers to one or more third-party addresses easily if you've got a cloud hosting package with us. The feature can be activated and deactivated in the Emails part of the Hepsia Control Panel whenever you want and you'll be able to view a list of all email addresses where your messages is forwarded to. You will also have the choice to keep a copy of the inbound communications on the server and have a backup whenever you remove anything from the remote mailbox. This feature can also be rather practical if there's a temporary downtime with the other email address. As long as it is enabled and we make a copy of all your e-mails being relayed through our servers, you simply won't risk losing e-mails.